Captain Marvel really blew it – a bit of a rant (and video)

I did a short, important rant on Tuesday’s Facebook live about Captain Marvel.

I will not spoil the movie, I promise. And I do recommend it. It was fun.

However, I do want to comment on one of the movie’s messages.

Feel free to just go to the video. Click here to watch I start in about the movie at 2 min, 14 seconds.

The cliff notes…

There is a woman superhero. You know that already.

What you don’t know is… as she is being guided to work with her powers, she is told to stop letting her emotions rule her and to use her head.

There is an upside to this message and a big downside… hence the rant.

Downside first.

Hearing a man tell this amazing, powerful woman that she needs to stop following her heart and get control of her emotions triggered me.

So often women are told that their emotions are bad.

Women are told to tone it down because they are perceived as drama queens and that they are too much.

This happens way too often, it has happened to me, and…

This message has to stop.

Women are juicy, alive, expressive, wondrous creatures and that includes their emotions.

I speak more about this in the video but to the point, yes emotions can come out sideways and be hurtful. And yes, we need to master our emotions.

BUT the message that something is wrong with us and that we need to move away from our heart and use our head more is bullshit.

The upside to this message is we do need to get in touch with our anger, sadness, fear, and shame. It is uber important.

We must learn how to work with these precious feelings and use them as they are intended, as a guide.

I go more into this in the video.

When we have not done the inner work, our emotions come out of shadow. That’s when feelings like anger can cut to the core or sadness can leave you feeling alone and hopeless.

Mastering our emotions is key to having a fulfilling, healthy love life.

That’s it.

End of my rant.

At the end of the day, it was a fun movie.

Feel free to reply and let me know what your thoughts are.

Much love, Junie

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