Are you looking for the wrong red flags?

Have you ever gone on a date with a long list of must-haves, and deal breakers running through your head?

I asked that knowing the answer… Of course.

You have had so many experiences in dating and relationships that you are on the lookout for your red flags and green flags.

I totally get it.

You’re on alert and you want to make sure you don’t fall down the rabbit hole again.

Here’s the thing, you might be looking for the wrong red flags! You might not even be noticing the really important green flags!

So let me just share with you a couple of things you might want to consider…

What is going on inside of you is the most important to notice.

When you are dating or in a relationship, so often women look at what the man is doing or not doing and judging from that perspective.

They may or may not be showing up for you in the ways that you want, however, there is another huge piece that I encourage you to look at which is how are you feeling inside? Are you feeling safe? Are you feeling heard and seen?

Yes, you have to be on the lookout for certain qualities in him and be mindful of how he’s showing up for you. And there’s another huge piece here: how are you feeling?

I did a video on this topic and I went into this more deeply about love and relationships. Click here to watch. 

Much love,

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