Are you a loser? I hope so!!!

Did you just say you hope I’m a loser? What?!


Why would I want you to be a loser?

Perhaps the question might be, “What do you mean by that?”

What I mean by that is…

I hope you are identifying patterns that no longer serve you and losing them.

  • Beliefs that disempower you – lose them!
  • Feelings of inadequacy – lose them!
  • Behaviors that sabotage you – lose them!

Yes to being a big loser!

As you move through 2022, I enCOURAGE you to stay awake to what’s between your ears that has you feeling less than amazing.

Keep your eyes open, and more importantly, keep feeling inside your body.

If you feel anxious or scared, or angry or sad, track your thoughts.

What’s happening? What do you need to heal and let go of so that you can get back on the beam?

Identify the reasons that made you feel out of whack…
Notice when you’re not feeling aligned, powerful, and confident…

Take a breath and do the work to LET GO and LOSE it- in the best way possible.

Shine a light on your old patterns and beliefs and say NO to them.

Put a stake in the ground for your YES!

It’s in you…your YES.

It takes some time to be a true loser.

It takes time to welcome in the new thoughts and behaviors and have them stick.

Be gentle with yourself as you become the greatest loser ever. 

If you need help being the biggest loser ever, I have a couple of spots in my private coaching practice. I’d love to support you in making 2022 the best year ever.

You’re welcome to grab a complimentary 30-minute Love Breakthrough Session.  We’ll hop on zoom and discuss what being the biggest loser ever means to you! Click here to grab a spot.

So much love to you!!!

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