An apology, some exciting news and a special video to spark some new thoughts…

First the apology.

As you might know, after my book launch in September, I sort of crashed…I worked really hard to made it a bestseller – mission accomplished – and I burnt myself out which rocked my world in the sleep category. Major insomnia hit. Yowza!

You’d think if I was exhausted, I would sleep for months… not the case!

If you ever experienced months of severe insomnia, you know it makes you cray cray.

I needed to slow down and rest. It really was tough and I was sad to not be able to keep up with my writing. I am just getting back on track.

You may have noticed there’s been an absence of the emails I usually send. The ones filled with transformational content that I so love to share with you.

My apology and my promise: I commit to sending at least 2 special blog emails each month giving you great tips that will take your life to the next level of joy and freedom.

Now for the good news… I am bringing back the Life Out Loud show in February. It will be in a podcast format so you can listen while you drive or do your wash. Lol

Who do you want on the show? Make your wish list!

Who do you think is doing great work in the world that would be a great person for me to interview?

And lastly, the video…

Click Here

I was just in Mexico to do a special speaking engagement AND to rest. Both were successful.I made this video to shine a light on a very important topic. This may be the very thing holding you back. Let me know what you think.

That’s it for now…

Much love, Junie

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