185: How Does Embodied Awareness Connect to Dating? with Michelle Bouvier

As a whole, we’ve been living outside of ourselves. We are more aware about what’s going on externally in the world and with others and disconnected from our body.

So how do you feel safer within yourself, learn to listen to your gut and have more capacity for what’s in front you?

The body is the way through and the way to feel, be and move through things. This is such an important part of self-awareness, healing and trusting yourself.

Michelle Nayeli Bouvier is a multidisciplinary movement specialist, yoga therapist, teacher trainer & creator of the cutting-edge Kutilaa School of Embodied Resilience.

Always a daring trailblazer, Michelle trains the next generation of yoga & movement teachers to break free of rigid, linear paradigms of movement, thought & leadership as a path to transform lives & change the world.

Rooted in passionate, continuing study of ancient teachings meeting modern science, Michelle’s decades of experience & groundbreaking work are helping lead the evolution of integrative embodied practice for personal & collective resilience.

3 Keys to Vitality + Freedom for Body+Mind: https://michellebouvier.ck.page/eb9c3883dc  

In this on-demand, 3-part workshop series, you’ll learn why & how embodied practice is so valuable for healing & awakening to our fullest experience of life. Merging ancient practice + modern science, this series will expand how you see & utilize movement meditation & embodied awareness as a resource for balance, presence, aliveness & wholeness.

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