145: How to Move From Messaging to the Actual Man with Junie Moon

​​Have you ever found yourself stuck in text-me-land? You’ve been making this great connection. The man is amazing and you haven’t even met him yet. You may even be wondering if you’re ever going to get off of messaging and meet in real life?

Sister, you are having a relationship with a PHONE!

So, how do you shift that?  This episode explains how to get out of texting hell and into a real time relationship.

Junie Moon, Women’s Empowerment Leader, Love Coach and Certified Shadow Work® Coach, has supported thousands of women over the past 30 years to claim what is their birthright: the freedom to be and love themselves without apology.

Using her unique heart-centered dating strategies, coupled with powerful mindset tools, Junie helps women in midlife to magnetize their ideal partner and experience Next Level Love. Along the way, women embrace this precious stage of life with confidence, playfulness and ease.

Junie has been seen on News 12 New Jersey, Blog Talk Radio, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global and in the Newark International with her film Shed the Shame that she produced and starred in. She’s also an International Bestselling author of Loving The Whole Package: Shed The Shame and Live Life Out Loud, International Award winning speaker and host of the successful Midlife Love Out Loud podcast.

When she’s not coaching women, you’ll find Junie shaking her booty at a drum circle or on a road trip headed to a new hiking spot because the forest is her happy place.

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