#1 Key to creating the life you desire

I was thinking about you today.

To be honest, I’m always thinking about you!

❤️ How to guide you to live your best life evah!  

❤️ How to help you have the day-to-day desire, dreaming, and determination that pulls you closer to the results you crave.

❤️ How to wake up excited for another meaningful, love-filled day on this planet.

❤️ How to get you out of your own way so you can say YES! to yourself with confidence and ease and feel deserving of it all!

When you have a vision that will enhance your life (whether it be calling in a new partner, taking your health to the next level, or maybe moving or creating an environment that opens up your heart), I encourage you to picture it in your mind’s eye and think about how great it would feel.

Just wanting it to happen is not enough.

Here is my recent Facebook Tip for Love Tuesday episode on this topic. Click to watch.

How to Create a Life you Desire:

Step 1: Take a moment to think about what you want to bring into your life today?  Plan it out in your mind and envision how your day is going to unfold.

Step 2: Ask yourself, “What do I want for long term?” Maybe it’s that new, wonderful Next Level Love I talk about. Whatever you want, take a few minutes to close your eyes and think about what that looks like for you.  What would it feel like to experience a comforting, solid love in your life?

Step 3: Focus on one thing that you can do today that brings you closer to that desired outcome. One intentional action.

Now, imagine your best life and what that would feel like for you as if it’s here now. 

In your mind, imagine it being here NOW and you are living it!  

Loving it!  Experiencing it!  Enjoying it! 

When you do this one thing, imagining and feeling it as if it already happened, you bring your desired outcome closer to you. It’s the law!


“Are the inspired actions you’re taking bringing you closer to fulfilling your dreams or keeping you from them? Are you moving forward or are you in some kind of holding pattern?

Asking this question informs you where you are. If you are choosing to take steps that are not supporting you, not brining you closer to what you want, then it’s good to know. Then, you can do something different.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Sometimes we need to slow down and reflect a bit more. Clarity is a thing!

AND…like I always say, if you can think it, it exists and it’s waiting for you to GET it!

Junie Moon

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