57: 5 Key Components to Next Level Love with Junie Moon

As you get older, it’s not unusual to feel like your ship has sailed and that it’s too late for love. Now with Co-vid, you might feel hopeless and more held back than ever before.

DON’T GIVE UP! Love is yours for the taking and I want to guide you in how to Manifest More Love! In this special episode, I will share my favorite key to accessing love. 

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As The Love Coach, Junie Moon teaches women in midlife how to magnetize their ideal partner and experience Next Level Love. Using her unique heart-centered dating strategies, coupled with the some powerful mindset tools that helped her magnetize the love of her own life, women learn to embrace this precious stage of life with confidence, playfulness and ease.

Junie’s an award-winning international speaker, Best-selling author of Loving the Whole Package: Shed the Shame and Live Life Out Loud, director/producer of the film Shed the Shame, host of the podcast Midlife Love Out Loud and a Certified Shadow Work® Facilitator. You can find her at CoachJunieMoon.com

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