65: Finding Grace in Loss with Jenn Cormier

Grief is a topic most people shy away from and yet it’s everywhere and part of everything. We lose loved ones, marriages, homes. It’s part of life. When you have a relationship with grief, you can experience a grace that opens new doors to life. In this week’s episode I have Jenn Cormier, a grief guide. She shares the power of grief and a new way to look at loss and love. 

Rev. Jenn Cormier is a Grief Guide and Ceremonial Artist who brings 20 years of experience in the Healing Arts to clients who are moving through life transitions, grief and celebrations.  Jenn is committed to the evolution of how we relate to death and walk with our grief.

When we can shift our perspective to see grief as a complex creative collaborator in our lives we can open the door to find healing, love more fully, and live a more satisfying life. On this day you might find Jenn officiating a one-of-a-kind wedding somewhere in Southern California, on her computer screen working with clients walking through grief, or at the edge of the Pacific, throwing flowers into the ocean at dusk. 

Her guidebook to Walking Through Grief with Grace is available in the Grief and Grace FB Group HERE

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