in a relationship

and afraid you might blow it

Yippee! You got back out there and found a special someone! Well done sister!

Now what? 

Firstly, give yourself a pat on the back for having the courage and vision to say yes to opening your heart up again.

Finding a new partner is the first step. Now it’s time to learn how to make it a healthy, happy and hot relationship that lasts.  

It’s so wonderful when you meet someone new.

You’re excited to be with them and count the days until you see them again.

You talk for hours getting to know each other and begin to dream of a life together.

You feel like you're walking on cloud 9 and you’re happy! Yay!

THEN SOMETHING HAPPENS…and it’s not your fault.

You brought some old baggage from the past and it begins to show up.

Your emotions start to run you and fear has you shutting down or pushing him away or over thinking or doubting yourself or beating yourself up or _________. Ouch.

You thought this time it would be different after all the work you’ve done on yourself. You thought you were ready but…here you are again.

You begin to say things you don’t mean and act in ways that are out of character.


Living for decades and having multiple relationship experiences, you’ve accumulated a ton of beliefs about love and life. Some of this is conscious and a lot isn’t.

Even with all the preparing and healing you’ve done, there’s always more that can pop up from the unconscious realm and sabotage your partnership. Most people don’t do the relationship Shadow Work® necessary to really have success in love.

Let’s get you what’s needed so you can stay on cloud 9!

Let’s get you the relationship transformation necessary so you can spot the old wiring when it begins to bubble up and nip it in the bud. This way you can stay true to yourself without blowing up the relationship and suffering.

I have a great marriage. We love each other and I relate to myself as being a generous person and yet I could see I was putting my work first and not prioritizing playtime with my husband. I couldn’t figure out why that was.

After a relatively short amount of time of being coached by Junie, I had the insight that I was still operating from old habits and old thoughts.

I began to see my life was different now. I was different. It was time to upgrade my thinking and my habits.. The world isn’t going to end if I put down my work and spend time with my husband. It’s no longer a mystery to me why I had that strange habit. That’s the past and Junie helped me to just really be here, right now in the present so that I can fully love the way I want to love.

- Mel Larsen

Let me show you how…


If I could sum up what I do in a nutshell, it is this: I help you live (and love) as a fully integrated human by shining a light on your blindspots.

What does this mean exactly?

Your past experiences have led you to this moment, and how you live and love today. You’ve received programming from your well-meaning parents, society, Disney movies, teachers and peers throughout your life causing you to make decisions about who you are and who you are not – what is acceptable and what isn’t. What you deserve and what you don’t.

This caused little bits of you to “break off” and stay stuck in a story that 99% of the time is simply NOT true.

If you have the old conditioning looming in the unconscious (and we all do to some extent) and have not done the Shadow Work® to reveal your true, glorious, empowered self, it will affect how you relate to your new man.

I have the LOVE FLASHLIGHT to help you see more clearly what’s in shadow – the old programming –  and help you claim your most divine self, authentically and joyfully.

When you are deeply aligned, clear and able to stand strongly in your worthiness, you can have what I call Next Level Love.

It’s also important to have tools like:

Healthy communication so you can share what’s in your heart and be heard

Solid boundaries so you can speak your truth and get you needs met

Deep self care so you never abandon yourself

Clarity about your relationship vision so you can co-create this new magical partnership

If you’re sensing that there are some unhealed hidden blocks keeping you stuck in painful patterns and sabotaging you, and you want to make this relationship work, let’s chat.

What if you could discover and dissolve those hidden influencers – the ones that have you unable to be vulnerable or fully expressed or unable to connect or ________.


Here you are, in the second half of your life, longing for a healthy, yummy love, and it’s your time to experience it.

What Women Are Saying

…I came to Junie experiencing difficulty with using my voice in relationships… and in doing some funky shadow work, I was SO incredibly liberated! In my new relationship I am able to speak up for myself and see my triggers as old stuff that has come back into my experience to help me release them. Working with Junie has been such a gift. She sees you, the heart of the situation and helps you heal those old patterns…

- Tamara Zoner | Speaker, Coach, & Certified Happiness Trainer