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Midlife Love Out Loud supports single women to have a magnificent second act in their love life. Offering powerful, uplifting conversations with top relationship coaches, healers, dating experts, spiritual mentors and sacred sexuality leaders, women get to claim this precious life stage in authentic, delicious ways.  There are reasons love seems so elusive and difficult. This podcast will give you the love map necessary to call in Next Level Love.

Top 5 Most Downloaded Episodes

50: Understanding men’s sexuality and how to get your needs met with Giles Carwyn

Giles Carwyn is a Certified Shadow Work® Facilitator and Coach who specializes in men’s sexuality. He co-created the Eros Work and the Men’s Sexual Shadow Transformation Weekends and is pursuing his certification as a somatic sex educator and sexological bodyworker....

41: Creative On-line Dating Strategies During Co-vid With On-line Expert Jill Crosby

Jill Crosby is the owner and founder of the Conscious Dating Network which includes several spiritual and green dating sites all sharing one, large database (like different doorways into the same house).  Her flagship site, SpiritualSingles.com was launched in the...

5: Amy Jo Goddard Talks About Healthy Sexuality in Midlife

Hailing from Military Dad and Recovering-Catholic-Proudly-Sandra-Dee-Mom, Amy Jo Goddard had no other choice but to become a sex educator just to help her family survive. Actually they don’t really take sex advice from her. But thousands of others have—Amy Jo is...
227: Manifesting Your Dream Life with Alicia Berberich

227: Manifesting Your Dream Life with Alicia Berberich

Feeling fearful but still want to take action? What if fear is actually excitement? Interesting reframe, huh? In this week’s episode, Alicia Berberich and I discuss this very topic.. Alicia enlightened us on how manifesting can help us stay on track with our goals and...

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